UntitledHello there!

My name is Carmen and I’ve been a professional bookworm for as long as I can remember.

This blog – Kindred Books – is named in honour of my favourite Canadian novel, Anne of Green Gables. I first used this name to start a Bookstagram and it felt right to match it to the blog so it’s easier to remember and access.

I first started writing book reviews when I was in high school and really enjoyed it. I loved the book reviewing community and it was a tough decision to give it up when I entered university. And now, after graduating from university and entering the workforce for a few years, I’ve decided to come back to it.

I’m an elementary school teacher (currently a substitute teacher) who’s also taught English in South Korea. I would like to use teaching as an excuse for reading children books and young adult fiction but the truth is that I just love reading. And I am ready to convince anyone that anyone at any age can enjoy literature meant for “younger” people.

Feel free to comment with your own thoughts on certain books and I always welcome recommendations.

Let’s read!