Book Review: Harriet Gets Carried Away by Jessie Sima


Harriet Gets Carried Away by Jessie Sima
Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018


Harriet loves costumes.

She wears them to the dentist, to the supermarket, and most certainly to dress-up parties. But when Harriet wears her penguin costume to the store to find the perfect party hats, she gets a little… carried away. Really carried away. By penguins.


I am becoming a devoted fan of Jessie Sima – if that’s possible after two picture books. I absolutely love the illustrations, the story, and the little details that are thrown into all of it to create these amazing children’s illustrated books. I loved Not Quite Narwhal which I reviewed two weeks ago and now I’m back with Jessie Sima’s latest, Harriet Gets Carried Away. It is these new stories like these that make me believe in magic – I thought Harriet was such a fun and wonderful character. I loved the unsaid nuances in the story that Jessie Sima just includes through the illustrations and story – how supportive her dads are of her individuality, how she has two dads, how imaginative the story is.

Please go and read Jessie Sima’s two books if you haven’t already. Though I’m not sure how you haven’t since I highly recommended Not Quite Narwhal two weeks ago. Jessie Sima is definitely an author-illustrator that I’ll be following closely. I hope you do too!


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