Review: Harry Potter Illustrated Editions #1 and #2

It’s my birthday today so I have another special editions review for all of you!

I also wanted to take this extra time to thank you for following me! There are now 44 followers of my humble little book review blog here and I’m so grateful. Thank you!


I considered leaving my review of the illustrated editions of Harry Potter until all of the books were out. But as that may take awhile (since it would appear that they’re releasing one a year), I decided to just go ahead with it. I mean, how can I not? These editions of one of my favourite books are truly beautiful and I would love to share them with you. I considered only getting Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – it seemed like quite an investment to get the entire series but once the second book – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – came out, I just couldn’t resist. And truth be told, the second book of the series is my least favourite out of the entire book series. But since I have gotten the second book, it only stands to reason that I shall be continuing.


The hardcover editions are so beautiful. The slipcover has the gorgeous illustrations by Jim Kay. The hardcover itself is a beautiful, vibrant red for the first book; orange for the second. I know that the paperback edition is also out now for Philosopher’s Stone but I’m wary as to how well those copies will hold up. Considering how thick and heavy these illustrated editions are, a hardcover edition would be sturdier and more protective to keep them intact for years.


Reading these familiar stories in a new edition was a new experience. It was coming home to stories I love but enjoying them in a new way. Although the film versions of the book are as familiar to me as the books, having these new illustrations to discover as I read only enhanced the reading experience – almost making it a new and fresh reading experience. I would highly recommend sharing these with the new generation of Harry Potter fans. I’m looking a little ahead – but I’m looking forward to sharing these books and magical stories with my own kids.


Jim Kay is truly a wonderful artist. His illustrations really bring J.K. Rowling’s books to life. And there are some illustrations that really just connected to me as a reader and longtime fan of the novels. I love the portraits he does of individual characters. I absolutely love the visuals of the Hogwarts castle and I’ve discovered that the illustrations of Diagon Alley from Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets actually connect to one another. I’ve been going through the details of the shops in the illustrations and I love it even more – he’s added shops not mentioned in the novel but definitely could be part of the magical world. And there are, of course, some familiar stores. Gringott’s is still missing so I’m looking forward to finally seeing it in one of the later books yet to come.


If you’re a fan of the series, I highly recommend getting these illustrated editions as well. They’re absolutely perfect and I love my copies.



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