The Book Club on Why Not Me?

Questions and thoughts I gathered online to bring to the book club meeting on Friday.

  • Is Mindy relateable?
  • Do you watch The Mindy Project? If so, how does TV Mindy compare to Author Mindy?
  • According to another blog, Mindy says that there is two meanings behind the title Why Not Me?
    • Why isn’t she married like her friends?
    • On ambition and success


We had a relatively shorter discussion based on this book. Part of this is because not everyone finished the book and second, I’m not entirely sure that there is a lot to talk about for this book.

A few key points to our discussion:

  • The general consensus is that the best of the essays would have to be the last one “Why Not Me?” and it had all the more impact because of all the essays in the book coming together by the end.
  • There seems to be a general movement from having less of that entitlement, working hard, and finding that entitlement in life that was very empowering.
  • The book is very Mindy. As in, if you’re familiar with her type of comedy and it helps if you watch The Mindy Project, then you’ll probably be a fan of her book as well. For the members of the book club who haven’t experience Mindy before, the humour didn’t really click for them.

I’m still deciding how to work my book club into my blog. Perhaps pictures from the actual group meeting next time.

Next read for the book club: The Man Who Loved China: The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kingdom by Simon Winchester. I’ll probably be getting a head start with reading this book before the next meeting at the end of September.



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