Review: Puffin in Bloom


The Puffin in Bloom Box Set

I have a weakness for beautiful books. I will probably find an opportunity to share my collection of Anne of Green Gables books eventually. In fact, Anne of Green Gables was a big factor in my purchase of the Puffin in Bloom box set. The set comes with Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Heidi, and A Little Princess. Four classics that I absolutely loved as a child.



Puffin in Bloom is a special collaboration between Puffin Books and Anna Bond, the director and artist behind Rifle Paper Co. Each book has a gorgeous cover with these beautiful floral cover illustrations. And the inside of the hardcover are the prettiest illustrations of characters from the book. Can you tell which book is which based on the inside?


With the box set, you also get a bookmark with the designs from one of the books. Although I would have really really liked the Anne of Green Gables one, I’m still happy with the Little Women.


I am totally in love with this box set. They’re just so aesthetically beautiful and pleasant. I want to get the edition of Alice in Wonderland that Anna Bond also collaborated with Puffin for the 150th anniversary of the book.






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